Clinical Director of Residential Services, Kevin Wyse, Discusses What Makes Our Program for Highly Sexualized Youth in Boulder Special

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Blog, Featured, YDI Highlights

Our highly sexualized youth program first opened its doors in 2006. At the time, Clinical Director of Residential Services, Kevin Wyse, was in private practice. YDI contracted with Kevin to come out to our Boulder facility twice per week to visit with the kids in the program. Three years later, in 2009, Kevin was asked to come to YDI full-time as the Program Manager for our Boulder Day Treatment. Later, Kevin would finally become our Clinical Director of Residential Services.

Our program for highly sexualized youth, nestled in a remote location in the beautiful Boulder mountains, is designed to serve eight highly youth at one time. The program accepts children with a wide range of behaviors.

Kevin is strongly committed to the treatment of sexualized youth. Listen to the video below as Kevin discusses why he does the work he does at YDI. 

The program in Boulder is truly unique, and is the only location in Montana that provides residential treatment for highly sexualized youth. Many youth who are not able to attend treatment in Boulder will need to be sent to residential facilities out of state.  

The children in our highly sexualized youth program are able to receive both therapeutic interventions and treatment for highly sexualized behaviors. During the day, the kids can go to school right on campus at our Boulder Day Treatment, eliminating the potential risk for reoffending in the community.

At Boulder, success looks different for each youth. In general, sex offender treatment can be tough, but when people are able to be successful it can have a huge impact on the community.

For more information about our program in Boulder, or to refer a child in need, contact us through our website or call Intake Coordinator, Shirley Bulluck, at 406-245-6539 today!

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