With cuts in Government programs, teens in our group homes are left without funding to pay for room and board.

Many Montana youth are no longer receiving state 'room and board' funding to help with their stay in Therapeutic Group Homes, which many families depended on so their child could access residential treatment. Since other insurance options don't cover this fee either, we will provide scholarships for these youth to ensure they’re able to continue their stay and be successful with their treatment goals.

$25 provides a youth with some back to school supplies.
$50 provides a new pair of jeans or much needed shoes to a youth.
$100 helps to stock a group home kitchen for the 8 youth receiving services.
$250 purchases a new mattress or bed for a youth's room.
$500 provides a full scholarship for a youth's stay in a group for 2 weeks.

      "Youth Dynamics have offered exactly the support that we need, it's been so instrumental in our family. We don't know what we'd do without their service."

      — John Smith