Keara cropped - Employee Spotlight: Keara O'Neill

Employee Spotlight: Keara O’Neill


There are so many of us at Youth Dynamics that go above and beyond. We like to take the time to recognize some of the great work all of we do. Each day we touch hundreds of children’s lives. Sometimes it’s hard to see how much of a difference we make.

Each one of us is works hard to improve our communities by giving children and families the support and tools to be resilient, creating change through outreach and community education, or by supporting clinicians and children behind the scenes in administrative roles. We are so thankful for each and every one of our team members!

This month we would like to honor Keara O’Neill for her exemplary service to Youth Dynamics and the children and families she serves in the Kalispell community. Keara goes above and beyond on a daily basis to provide support and advocate for children and families.

Area Manager, Jessica Curry, had the following to say in honor of Keara:

Keara has been with YDI for over 2 years now and I am so fortunate to have her as a Care Manager. She is focused and dedicated to all of her clients and families. She goes above and beyond to provide the best possible services and thinks outside the box in order to meet the needs of her clients. Keara is always positive, upbeat, and is literally the kindest person I know. She has the ability to turn every negative into a positive. She is a supportive member of her team and is always willing to attend outreach no matter where or what it is. She takes on additional responsibilities without hesitation. I truly value Keara and am happy to know her.

This is what leadership and Keara’s teammates had to say in recognition of her:

Keara has always worked very hard to meet the needs of the clients in the Kalispell office. She does an excellent job of meeting youth and families where they are at and provides exceptional care for those engaged in services with Youth Dynamics. – Rebecca Folkerts, Associate Clinical Director

Great sense of humor, very dedicated to her clients, genuinely cares about her job and her clients, positive role model, prompt and articulate, professional, easy to work with, knowledgeable, an all-around decent human being. – Cori Burwell, FSA Manager

Keara is a strong and skilled advocate for her clients. She has a good knowledge of the child welfare system and is well connected to other providers in the Flathead Valley. Keara forms supportive relationships with children and parents and is invested in their overall well-being. She is dedicated to her families and an excellent co-worker. – Sarah Williams, Family Development/ Community Outreach Coordinator

When I first began working with Keara, I was impressed by her ability to focus on the positive of the families that we serve. I’ve been so impressed by Keara’s choice to look beyond the surface and figure out how to celebrate the successes that our parents achieve, however small they may seem. She recognizes that these small successes are the key to helping them achieve larger successes and eventually come to the place where they no longer need our services.
-Felicia Caflin, Therapist

Keara’s dedication, hard work, positive attitude, and leadership is apparent through feedback from leadership and her teammates. Thank you Keara for everything you do. You clearly have an amazing presence in the Kalispell office. Your dedication to Youth Dynamics, our mission, and the children and families we serve is truly special. We are honored to have you on our team. You are truly making a difference in Montana, one child at a time.

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