Employee Spotlight~ Misty Blakeman, Billings Administrative Support

by | Jul 20, 2020 | News & Events

This month we would like to recognize Misty Blakeman for her exemplary service to the YDI Mission, her team, and youth in our Billings community services. Misty goes above and beyond on a daily basis to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable youth.

This is what leadership and Misty’s teammates had to say in recognition of her:

“Misty is one of a kind, genuine, and a supporter of our YDI kids. We are fortunate to have her on first watch at the Billings community office. She is helping to make #YDIStrong!!” -Dennis Sulser, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer

“Misty has always been extremely kind and helpful to me and the team at the Billings community office. My first office was directly across the hallway from Misty, and she was always quick to offer a supportive word or a friendly laugh. Misty knows just about every child that comes through that office and she is always patient and kind, even when those children are loud, incessantly ringing her bell, or trying to climb through her window into her office. I have seen her celebrate the successes of clients, and mourn their losses. She truly cares about the work that we do and I am thankful to call her a colleague.” – Bryan Cantwell, ACD of Residential Services

“Misty is amazing! When I was covering as the community therapist for Billings awhile ago, she was soooo unbelievably helpful and kind. She has continued to be helpful with any request that I have had. She is fun to talk to and overall has a great attitude. I have always enjoyed all of my interactions with Misty and am so excited she is getting the recognition she deserves. Well done, Misty, keep up all of the hard work.” – Angie Hildebrand, ACD of Therapeutic Foster Care

“Misty is always on top of everything in our office! Misty always goes above and beyond her job description! If it weren’t for her, our office would not run anywhere near as smoothly as it does. We can ask her a question about anything and she knows the answer, such as: where to find specific forms, who a kiddo is placed with, and who to contact if she doesn’t know an answer. Without Misty, I would not be able to do my job nearly as well as I do! She lets us know if our treatment plans are going to expire and so on…

Misty is the LEADER of our office and she works very hard to help us as a team to be successful.” – Tamara Barnhart

“Misty is always on top of her game. She works hard to ensure that everything is taken care of and that her teammates are well supported. More so, she takes the time to reach out and show her appreciation when the moment so moves her. I have really enjoyed getting to know her over the years and feel she is a huge asset to this organization.” – Katie Gerten, Public Relations Coordinator

“Misty is always ready to help and is great at supporting us in our positions so that we can be the best for the youth we serve!” – Laurel Lawrence, Addiction Counselor

“Yea Misty! She is a great asset to our office. She is always available if you need a question answered. Thank you, Misty, for all of your hard work.” – Flo Barnhart, Care Manager

“Misty is my go to person! No matter what, she always finds the answer for me. She is very dedicated to serving /supporting staff. Could not have picked a more deserving person. Thank you, Misty, for all of your assistance.” – Diane Ude, Accounts Receivable Technician

“I have had the pleasure to work with Misty on many occasions over the years. On top of being very accommodating, Misty has always been very polite and professional when helping myself and the IT department with our shenanigans. In my conversations with Misty over the years, it is very apparent that she has an authentic passion for kids and Youth Dynamics’s mission. Misty, you are a rock star! I appreciate you!” – Mike Schmidt, IT & Systems Technician

“Misty is great! She is always on top of imaging and getting clients and clinicians’ needs taken care of in a quick and positive manner. And OMG, her decorating skills are on point. I just appreciate her in so many ways. Thanks for being so AWESOME, Misty!!!” – Kelsey Waller, Administrative Specialist

“As a new team member to YDI, I have to say that Misty has been wonderfully supportive and welcoming. She brings humor and comfort where unfamiliarity and uncertainty can reign. Misty does a great job of taking care of the staff as she responds to requests or questions in a very timely fashion.” – Samantha Arave, Care Manager

“Misty, just want to tell you that you are awesome. You are always informative and helpful with all my questions. I am truly grateful for all you do! If in need, you are always there to step up and help out. You have helped me out in a pickle or two. I soooooooo appreciate you! You just keep on being awesome Girl” – Yolanda Pretty Boy, Administrative Support

Misty’s dedication, hard work, and positive attitude are apparent through feedback from people throughout our organization. Thank you, Misty, for everything you do. You clearly have an amazing presence at Youth Dynamics. Your dedication to our agency, our mission, and the children we serve is truly special. We are so honored to have you as part of our YDI family.

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