Ethan Square - Faces of Mental Health- "I don’t like school; it never did it for me."

Faces of Mental Health- “I don’t like school; it never did it for me.”


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“I always feel like most of the kids don’t like me. Mom says it’s because I’m so smart and they’re afraid. My two closest friends have become closer since my best friend moved away. We are all in accelerated curricular studies.

I like to read books; I am probably the last kid of my kind that likes to do that. In the fourth grade, I read at a tenth-grade level. I look forward to learning Spanish and French in high school. Knowing two languages makes you smarter; in that case I would like to learn three.

I don’t like school; it never did it for me. I am ignored most of the time. There are only two kids that I have known since kindergarten; that is out of thirty. I get a best friend and then they leave a year later.

Most famous people did not have formal schooling. The most intelligent people in history did poorly in school.”