Faces of Mental Health- “In a field of horses, be a unicorn.”

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Blog, Featured, YDI Highlights

This is the ninth segment in our series, Faces of Mental Health, which gives people an intimate look inside of children’s services. To see our latest story, check us out on Facebook at Youth Dynamics of Montana or People of Youth Dynamics every Tuesday and Thursday night at 5:30pm. You can also catch the stories at youthdynamicsmt on Instagram, or Youth Dynamics of Montana on Linkedin.

“I have struggled with anxiety my whole life. One time, I didn’t eat for three days because Mom and Dad kept trying to get me to eat new foods. I don’t like new things.

I don’t go to public school anymore. Mom pulled me out for seventh grade. Dad told me you can’t home school kids in college.

I still have scars from open heart surgery. I had to go back to the hospital in Seattle because of complications. I was squeezing fluid from my heart. It was this disgusting mucus that made the doctor turn white. I was the first kid the hospital had ever seen with that. I had two holes in my heart.

A nurse left scissors in my room and Mom was mad. My hair grew back. Mom says cutting my hair was better than cutting my tubes.

My fourteenth birthday was on Saturday and I had a unicorn cake. I love unicorns. I wore the perfect shirt, it said, ‘In a field of horses, be a unicorn.’”

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