Rachelle edit 1500x1000 - Faces of Youth Dynamics- "I was granted the gift of a lifetime"

Faces of Youth Dynamics- “I was granted the gift of a lifetime”



“At 26 years old I was knocking on death’s door. Hanging with crowds of people, having fun yet being lost in the haze. Waking up in a house, truck, car, boat, or just on the ground not knowing what happened the night before. A trip to Vegas changed my life, and I have never looked back. When back in my home town from a whim of a vacation I found out I was pregnant. Most people in the circle that I was around would have been devastated, but not me. This was my chance to change, I was granted the gift of a lifetime.

I checked my pregnant self into treatment, completed all the programs, and started to live a single and sober life. Life was changing ever so fast. I was leaving one life and starting another; never really knowing what a sober life was, let alone a sober life with a baby on the way.

I sit here today 10 years sober, with a 10 year old thankful for life. I may not have a degree, or have taken the path of life that was the easy road, but I have found myself and God. I have a job that I love, and I found a love that will never cease to amaze me from a little girl who has helped me way more than she will ever know.”