Five Benefits to Family Support Team Services at Youth Dynamics

At Youth Dynamics, family support teams where a care manager works one on one with caregivers and their child to target difficult behaviors stemming from mental health issues. Care managers work with caregivers to find strategies and interventions that can be used in the home to manage difficult behaviors. Care managers also work one on one with the child to teach them appropriate coping skills and monitor their progress. The family support team service is an amazing program that helps keep children in their homes and community. Here are five things that make family support team services at Youth Dynamics a great service for families of all kinds.

Treatment is Individually Tailored to each Child and Family

Family support teams give caregivers and families the tools to manage difficult behaviors. We understand that an intervention that works for one child may not work for another. At Youth Dynamics our care managers have a plethora of tools and work closely with our therapists to brainstorm ideas and interventions. We work alongside caregivers and let them guide treatment as they are the experts of their own lives.


Due to the nature of behaviors that stem from mental health issues, many children struggle across multiple settings, being unable to attend school, lacking friendships with peers, and having stressed relationships with siblings and caregivers. It is not uncommon for children with mental health issues to end up in higher levels of care such as hospitals, group homes, and other out of home placements.

Family support team services can be put in place before a child and their caregiver reach a crisis situation. These services help give caregivers and children the tools to thrive in their environment. This way, behaviors can be tackled before they reach a crisis point, preventing unneeded trauma for children and their caregivers. Additionally, families in this service are provided with an optional 48 hours of respite care each month. Respite is free of charge and reduces stress in the home for both caregivers and their children.

24 Hour Support

Families in our family support team services have twenty-four hour support through our on-call system. During work hours and through appointments families have access to their care manager which acts as an on-call support. Outside of work hours, families can call our on-call number. They can reach one of our clinicians who will help deescalate a child or give support to manage difficult behavior.

Trauma Informed Approach

Youth Dynamics’ staff is trained in trauma informed care and integrate trauma informed practices into all of our services. It is without question that each one of us has experienced at least one trauma in our lives. Children have the unique capability of bouncing back and being resilient. Trauma informed practices are shown to be extremely beneficial in helping children overcome difficulties that stem from mental health issues.


At Youth Dynamics we believe that mental health services should act as a support, not as an added stressor. We work to make appointments with families as convenient as possible. Care managers are available for appointments after hours. We meet with children one on one during school, and we meet with parents at home, in the community, or by phone. We have flexible appointment times, and will schedule appointments around caregivers and their children’s needs.

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