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Giving Gifts to Place in the Hands of Youth


At first, I mechanically wrote something that resembled other ‘asks’ from us and other nonprofits in the area when I wrote this blog post.  When I finished I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like it, until I saw that it was simply too similar to other holiday donation appeals, and that I’d written the same letter multiple times throughout my career in development.

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Myself and other fundraisers are goal-oriented and live their professional lives moving from campaign to campaign.  I find myself losing sight of the original meaning of gifts amidst day to day operations of meetings, networking and reaching campaign goals.

To cite the all-knowing Internet, to give is ‘to place in the hands of, or to pass’. I am inspired when I read this, as it reminds me of the grace, humility and sincere generosity that happens when a gift is made.

Warming Hands (And Hearts) Through Gifts

Many of the youth in our services come from homes struggling to make ends meet. Homes that lack the resources to provide warmth, comfort and joy that are important parts of the holiday season.  Items like winter boots, gloves and warm clothes are commonly taken for granted but are a necessity for Montana winters. And many children live without such necessary items.  It is heartbreaking to see youth out in the cold, without gloves and a coat to keep them warm.

Fortunately, I’ve seen past people from our Montana communities be generous and take care of the children we serve. It is inspiring to see items dropped off or money given to purchase these necessities, and the genuineness of these gifts.

On multiple occasions, I’ve witnessed gifts literally placed in the hands of the children Youth Dynamics serves. There is beauty in a pair of warm mittens being ‘placed in the hands of’ a child in-need.  This is an ultimate act of kindness and warmth over the holiday season.

I am humbled by these acts of generosity, and I am thankful for donors who remind me of the true value of gifts.  Thank you for your compassion!

Please consider making a gift this holiday season to the youth we serve.  Our offices are happy to accept newly purchased items that will help the youth we serve stay warm this holiday.  Alternately, consider making an online donation so that we may utilize your gift according to the needs of our clients.  Email or call (406) 869-1317 for further questions.


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