Highly Sexualized Youth

A variety of group and individual services available for Youth at our Boulder AYA location, including treatment provided by a MSOTA certified therapist.

Youth Dynamics realizes children who have survived abuse and trauma sometimes develop very negative coping skills and behaviors. While we hold all children and teens we work with accountable for their actions, we also realize we have a responsibility to help these kids and their families succeed. Youth Dynamics believes ALL children and teens have the potential to succeed and we do not “give up on kids.” We support families coming together to deal with these issues, heal, and grow.

Unhealthy sexual behaviors fall along a continuum with “reactive” sexual behaviors at one end, and “sexually offending” behaviors at the other. Reactive behaviors may include inappropriate self-touching or overly sexualized playacting.  Sexually offending behaviors may include aggression in romantic relationships, forced or coercive sexual activity, and other disturbing patterns. Youth with these behavioral issues need intervention and treatment before problems worsen.

To address these serious — but frequently treatable — behaviors, Youth Dynamics operates a campus-style facility in Boulder, MT, Alternative Youth Adventures (AYA). In a beautiful mountain setting, children are able to focus on making significant changes in their lives and behaviors. The Boulder AYA location serves children 11-18 in four single-sex therapeutic youth homes (three for boys and one for girls), with an average stay of 9 months.  Additionally, the program provides an on-site Day Treatment which meets educational needs. While not all children served at AYA exhibit highly sexualized behaviors, it is a place for pre-teens and teens to take responsibility for themselves, participate fully in their treatment, and make progress toward a healthier future for themselves and their families. This is the only program of its kind available IN Montana. Children DO NOT need to leave Montana to receive evidence-based treatment for highly-sexualized behaviors.

For Professionals–should the Court recommend treatment, Youth Dynamics will gladly review each case and assist in developing an appropriate treatment plan.

Kevin Wyse, MEd, LCPC, MSOTA, well-known Montana therapist specializing in treating highly-sexualized behaviors, is the Program Manager for the Day Treatment Program and provides individual and group counseling related to inappropriate or harmful sexual behaviors. He may be reached at kwyse@youthdynamics.org or (406) 225-3176. Teresa Turville, Program Manager for the Therapeutic Youth Homes on the campus, may be reached at teresa.turville@youthdynamics.org or 1-406-225-4600.