How Are You Coping in the Wake of Uncertainty?

There is no question that we are currently facing difficult times which are blanketed in uncertainty. For those of you that are feeling anxiety or stress, it’s an okay and a perfectly normal reaction to the current state of affairs in our nation.

That being said, make sure you are turning to healthy coping methods to help deal with those emotions. Substance abuse and mental health often come hand-in-hand.

Drug and alcohol abuse can affect anyone, whether you are a therapist at the largest children’s mental health center in Montana, a janitor at a small local business, or a wealthy executive at a large international firm.

Don’t let unhealthy coping skills steal your thunder! Now is a better time than ever to explore new hobbies or get back into things that you used to enjoy.

Here are just a few ideas to get you on track with healthy coping for stress and anxiety!

Reading or Listening to Books

Amazon is currently offering free books through Audible.

Learning a New Skill or Subject

Tons of Universities are currently offering free online courses.


You can run outside, hike, or pick up some workout videos!

Get Creative

You can draw, paint, scrapbook, write…the possibilities are endless!

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