Water Color 1200x800 - My Mom: A Poem by Faith

My Mom: A Poem by Faith


Faith lives at one of our group homes in Boulder. Faith wrote this wonderful poem about her mother and wanted us to share it.
When I think about my childhood
1 thing sticks out the most….
My Mom
She is always there
Sometimes I thought it to be suffocating

But these days I wish I was with her more
I wish I had listened to her about something’s; but it’s too late now

My mom is late night movies and soggy buttery popcorn
My mom is a full time worker
And still a full time mom and grandma
My Mom is a supporter and encourager
A big believer in giving praise
My mom is a survivor and a fighter
She is not her diagnosis

My mom is my mom and that will never change
Someone else may have given birth to me but I stand by my previous belief
I was born to be with my mom

My Mom is a person to trust
My Mom is a butterfly
Strong yet delicate
Determined and beautiful
And a giver of life.
My Mom is my Mom and I love her.
My mom is hope and faith
She believes without ever needing proof
She believes in the change in me
She believes in my future

I love you Mom

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