Online Resources to Help You Make the Most of Your Time at Home

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Blog, COVID-19, Featured, Self-Care

For many of us, the last few weeks have felt like a dream, with so many of us trying to mentally keep up with the current state of affairs. On Thursday, Montana State Governor, Steve Bullock, announced a shelter in place order which went into effect on Saturday, March 28th at 12:01 am.

While some places of business, including Youth Dynamics, are considered essential and will keep their doors open, many others were forced to temporarily close. The temporary changes are for the safety of all of those around us, but they also mean a dramatic change of life for Montana residents.

We all need to do our part, and unless we are going to work as essential service employees, seeking medical care, or carrying out some other essential activity, we should be at home. However, this means many of us have some serious free time to fill.

In order to help those who are struggling fill their new-found one-on-one time with themselves, we are providing free resources which are available online.

Below is a list of some awesome resources you can utilize today:

Free Audible Books

Did you know that Amazon is currently offering a number of free online books to anyone who wants to listen? Now is the time to explore the world of audio books!

Listen to Podcasts & Expand Your Mind

There are a number of great podcasts out there and most of them are free for you to explore. For Apple customers, you can download Apple Podcasts or there is a variety of different podcast apps available for Samsung users. You can also simply Google any podcast and subject you are interested in and find channels online. 

Great podcast channels include many HBR channels, TED channels, and Freakonomics Radio.

Free College Courses

Many top colleges are offering free university level courses to help you expand your mind. Check out free courses from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford University.

You can also subscribe to a low-cost version of Audible for access to the Great Courses or subscribe to the Great Courses channel on Amazon Prime. Both of the later options are available for under $20.00 a month.

Get Moving with Free Online Workout Videos

While you can still exercise outside in Montana, many people are averse to exercising with an audience outdoors. Have no fear, there are tons of free online exercise routines available to you through YouTube and other digital resources. Now is a better time then ever to get in shape, and the physical activity will help to improve your mental health.

These are just a few ideas of ways to fill your time in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our blog for more tips on everything from parenting to keeping up a positive outlook on life.  

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