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Salute to Our Donors


As Youth Dynamics expands across the state, we are truly fortunate to serve a growing number of Montana youth and their families and have a positive impact on their lives.  It is an honor to watch many of the children we serve graduate from our services and stay on a path of hard work to reach their full potential.  As we  expand our services and introduce new programs, we are encouraged by the support of the community. We would like to recognize the following donors for their recent support. Through these partnerships, we are better equipped to help the youth we serve positively shape their future.

Accomplishments this Past Year

We would not have been able to serve as many youth in so many communities without our generous donors and partners. We would like to share a few things we have accomplished together over the past year.

  • Our staff throughout Montana served 1,966 youth in the past year.
  • We expanded our foster care program. We are now one of the leading agencies in the state placing children in Therapeutic Foster Homes.
  • While working with the University of Montana, we introduced Trauma Informed Care to our services, treatment and internal operations. We continue to implement this so we may deliver services even more effectively. We also continue to emphasize the importance of Trauma Informed Systems as they relate to self-care and healthy workplaces.
  • Because of the Montana Healthcare Foundation, we expanded our Substance Abuse Program to our Great Falls and Missoula offices. Now our services in these areas are even more comprehensive and effective.
  • Through the support of EBMS, we re-launched our Common Sense Parenting program for communities and foster parents throughout the state.
  • In addition to program expansions, the support of our donors provides the youth we serve with items and activities we often take for granted. This generous support helps buy our youth shoes, backpacks, clothing and fun outings.

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Learn more about how you can help Montana children and families by going to our donate page.

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