Teen’s Memoir of Depression- “It’s an Invisible Monster”

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? To celebrate, we’re sharing real mental health stories, statistics, and wellness tips and tricks to squash the stigma that prevents so many from getting the support they need.

Today, we’re sharing Jaeda’s story on her battle with depression and the courage it took to be active in her recovery.

“Depression is like this monster, this invisible monster that just follows you around. I say invisible because you can’t really tell if someone is struggling that way. There have been a lot of people that I’ve known that have actually struggled with depression, and I have been like, wow, I never would have even guessed that you struggled with that. I know that people wouldn’t guess that about me, because I have had people be surprised when they figure out that I struggle a lot with my mental health.

It’s this monster that is invisible to everyone else that is constantly walking behind you. It’s like you are both handcuffed to one another and it’s hard. You have the key if you’ve learned to be able to cope with it. If you have things that help, those are like the keys to open the handcuffs, but it’s hard to ask for help.

It was hard for me to feel better. I hadn’t felt healthy in so long that it was unfamiliar; that unfamiliar feeling was scary. So, it’s like the enemy, but it’s also addictive. Feeling so sad for so long becomes your normal. It’s a chaotic monster and a huge mess that just completely prohibits you from being able to function normally. It’s sad, and it’s tragic, and it’s dark, and it’s painful, and it’s exhausting. It’s a horrible chaotic mess.”

The Scope of the Problem

Jaeda’s not alone in her battle with depression. Roughly 3.2 million teens will suffer from this crippling condition. Sadly, many teens who struggle with their mental health don’t get the help they need though. In fact, only half of those that suffer will get treatment, with the average delay in care being ten years.

Need Support?

No child should have to suffer in silence. If you have a child that is in need of support, please contact us today. We provide a wide variety of mental health services to youth and families in nearly every community throughout Montana. You can learn more by calling us at 1-406-245-6539 or by contacting us through our website.

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