Get to Know our Newest Licensed Therapist: Peggy Leinart-Murch

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Blog, Featured, YDI Highlights

Peggy Leinart-Murch is one of Youth Dynamics most devoted therapists. She became a Licensed Therapist this December after 17 years with our agency. Peggy travels to the rural areas of South Eastern Montana every week bringing mental health treatment to youth and families who otherwise don’t have access to services. She often drives over a thousand miles a week to provide therapy to clients.

We sat down last year to ask Peggy a few questions for a feature in our newsletter. We are reprinting the interview here.

The work that Youth Dynamics’ therapists do has a great impact on many Montana youth and families. Has there been a specific moment in your job when you experienced a great accomplishment beside a child with which you worked?

The accomplishment is to give the opportunity for youth to make changes in their lives and to watch them do it. You see so many accomplishments every day; it’s hard to point out just one!

Working in the behavioral and mental health care field is extremely rewarding but can be stressful at times. What kind of support do you get from Youth Dynamics and what do you do to keep your work/life balance in check?

I am able to take time when I need time. I enjoy things like bowling and golf in my spare time. Youth Dynamics is always just a call away no matter where I am, and it’s so nice to have that kind of support. I can go to any Clinical Director, Associate Clinical Director or even our CEO and get support when I need it. Youth Dynamics’ open-door policy is truly unique: no matter what position you have or who your supervisor is, you can reach out to whoever is available for help. My team is the best team that I’ve ever worked with.

What kinds of continuing education that Youth Dynamics provides has helped you do your job effectively and grow as a professional?

Youth Dynamics offers a lot of different training options: our monthly trainings, our online learning system (where I can request a topic I am interested in), or Common Sense Parenting. Youth Dynamics is always looking for ways to improve their personnel.

Our agency’s mission is to ‘provide family focused behavioral health treatment founded on the principles of an actively caring culture in which people can realize their full potential’. How has our actively caring culture defined your day-to-day job tasks?

There is an emphasis on personal responsibility to teach our kids and families and also role model for them. Youth Dynamics’ actively caring culture helps us to understand that we are not out there by ourselves; there is a whole team out there to support us.

Peggy part of an awesome team of providers at Youth Dynamics. For more information about therapy and other services in your area, contact us.

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