What’s with the Stigma Behind Men’s Mental Health?

It’s an interesting thing, men’s mental health. They represent 79% of completed suicides in our nation, yet only 5% of those who struggle will utilize outpatient support services. In fact, in the time you spend on your average sixty-minute lunch break, three men will take their own lives in our country.

Honestly, there’s no shortage of males who are struggling. Just like women, they deal with the emotional turmoil that comes hand in hand with being human. So, why then is it that men struggle so much with reaching out for support? Why is it so hard for them to talk about their mental health?

In reality, there’s no shortage of stigma that men face surrounding being emotionally vulnerable. In his interview, Mitch went on to discuss the real consequences that come alongside that stigma.

He reported, “When men have a stigma and they don’t want to talk about things, make themselves vulnerable, the way that most men deal with it is that it will be internalized in some way.” He went onto discuss how those emotions can be expressed in less than healthy ways, such as through anger and resentment, and can affect relationships with other people.

We would like to thank, Mitch, as well as everyone else who has been willing to come forward and share their stories. Together, we can fight stigma, one person at a time.

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