strengths - YDI Values - What Do They Really Mean?

YDI Values – What Do They Really Mean?


We are traveling the state to talk to our teams about what it means to embody Youth Dynamics values.

Core Values:

Empowerment Partnerships and Collaboration
Individual and Family Strengths
Individual Responsibility and Self-Determination
Team Decision-Making and Individualized Care
Transparency and Accountability
Trauma Sensitive Culture
Active Care and Treatment

This week, we asked Missoula & Helena Family Development Coordinator, Victoria Hafliger, what guiding our work through individual and family strengths means to her. 

Providing strength-based, client-centered mental and behavioral health services is an integral part of what we do at Youth Dynamics. We believe that in order to guide families on the path of resiliency and recovery, we need to emphasize a solid foundation for them to build on.

Do you embody the YDI values? Are you interested in making a difference in your community?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, check out our open positions today and apply online!