17 Quotes to Decode & Coach Kids Through Behaviors

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As parents, navigating tricky behaviors can be challenging. But with a positive approach built on a foundation of curiosity and intention, we can help our little ones learn, grow, and thrive.

Below are seventeen quotes to help you decode and coach kids through behaviors.

Quote 1 When we dont understand a behavior

Quote 1: When we don’t understand a behavior, we tend to assume a child is doing it on purpose. – @raisinghumankind

Quote 2 There's usually an inside story

Quote 2: There’s usually an “inside” story to every “outside” behavior. Though we may not be able to know that “inside story,” there’s generally some inner reason for what children do. – Fred Rogers

Quote 3 One of the most important tools for parents is observation

Quote 3: One of the most important tools for parents is the power of observation. Often, we act before considering the underlying meaning of kids’ behaviors, focusing on managing or correcting it instead of reflecting on what it means for the child. – Inspired by @monadelahooke

Quote 4 Beneath misbehavior is a child struggling

Quote 4: Beneath misbehavior often lies a struggling child who is aware that they are not meeting expectations but unaware or unequipped on how to do so. – Inspired by Sarah Boyd

Quote 5 Challenging behavior occurs when

Quote 5: Challenging behavior occurs when the demands placed on a child outstrip the skills they have to respond adaptively to those demands. – Dr. Ross Greene

Quote 6 Children do not enter this world with bad intentions

Quote 6: Children do not enter this world with bad intentions. They do not come to wear us out, test our patience, or push us over the edge. They come to us with a need for love, connection, and belonging. – Rebecca Eanes

Quote 7 Every child wants to be successful

Quote 7: Every child wants to succeed. Every child wants to have a good relationship with others. Every child wants to have a sense of belonging and significance. When we remember this, we will give misbehaving children the benefit of the doubt. Instead of assuming they want to be difficult, we will assume they want positive results and are simply confused about how to achieve them. – Jane Nelsen

Quote 8 Too often we forget discipline means to teach

Quote 8: Too often, we forget that discipline really means to teach, not to punish. A disciple is a student, not a recipient of behavioral consequences. – Daniel J. Siegel

Quote 10 Repeatedly telling a child what they're doing wrong

Quote 9: Repeatedly telling a child what they’re doing wrong won’t help them learn what to do differently. – @parenting_pathfinders

Quote 11 Before telling a child not to do something

Quote 10: Before telling a child to stop doing something, imagine them asking you, “What should I do instead?” Then, skip telling them to “stop” and tell them this. – @parenting_pathfinders

Quote 12 Affirmation is powerful

Quote 11: Affirmation is powerful! When you encourage kids with their small successes, they are usually eager to do more. – @connectedfams

Quote 9 Clear is kind

Quote 12: Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind. Often, we get so focused on how to respond when kids cross boundaries that we forget to ensure our boundaries are clear to begin with. – @helpingfamiliesthrive

Quote 14 Punishing a child

Quote 13: Punishing a child forces them to focus on how their behavior affects them. Communicating with a child helps them to focus on how their behavior affects others. To parent effectively, focus on communication instead of retribution. – Inspired by L.R. Knost

Quote 13 If controlling another human being

Quote 14: If controlling another human being is the goal, then force is necessary. Fear, intimidation, threats, power-plays, physical pain—those are the means of control. But, if growing healthy humans is the goal, then building trust, relationships, encouraging, guiding, leading, teaching, and communicating are the tools for success. – Inspired by L.R. Knost

Quote 15 You won't always be able to control

Quote 15: You won’t be able to always control your child. But with a relationship with trust and connection, you will be able to influence them for years beyond childhood. Focus on connection & influence instead of power & control. – Dr. David Erickson

Quote 16 never miss an opportunity

Quote 16: Never miss an opportunity to make a kid feel better about themselves. When they feel good, their whole demeanor changes. They learn better, behave better, and act better toward others. – Christine Derengowski

When children feel they belong

Quote 17: When children perceive that they belong and that they are capable, they feel encouraged and behave in socially acceptable ways. – Jane Nelson

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