Employment Benefits

Here is an overview of our extensive benefits package that will be available to you if you decide to join our team!

If you are a qualified, energetic, committed and self-motivated individual with a passion for helping youth and working for a better Montana, then you will fit right in! Being part of the Youth Dynamics team is being part of the solution for kids and families in Montana.

Unless otherwise noted, the following benefits are available to all regular employees working at least half-time (20 hours per week or more) on the 1st of the month after 30 days of employment. Benefits are pro-rated for those who work less than 40 hours per week.

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Benefits of Joining our Team

Health Insurance

(must work at least 30 hours/ week to qualify) 2 plans available

Traditional Plan: cost to employee for employee only benefits: $100.00 per month.  $30 office visit co-pay. $1000 deductible. Includes prescription plan with $20/$60/$90 co-pays. Wellness visit paid outside of deductible

High Deductible Plan:$20/month for employee only plan.  $2,600 deductible. Wellness and preventive medications paid outside of deductible.

Health Savings Account

Available to all employees enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan. Pre-tax contributions deducted from your payroll and transferred automatically to your HSA. Youth Dynamics will match the first $50 you contribute to your HSA monthly. Immediate vesting in Youth Dynamics contribution.

Dental Insurance
  • Diagnostic & Preventive Dental Services – 100% (cleanings, x-rays)
  • Basic Dental Services – 80% (fillings, root canal, extractions)
  • Major Dental Services – 50% (crowns, implants)
  • Orthodontic Services – 50%

Maximum plan benefit $1000/person per year


Youth Dynamics will match funds spent on vision expenses up to $250 per year. Funds can be spent on contact or glasses. Exams covered by health insurance.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Youth Dynamics offers both Medical and Dependent Care flexible spending accounts. Pre-tax contribution deducted from your paycheck to help meet these expenses.

  • Medical flex available to benefit eligible employees not enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan. Annual maximum $2,500.
  • Dependent Care Flex is available to all benefit eligible employees. Annual maximum is $5,000.
403(b) Retirement Plan

Employees eligible to begin contributing upon employment. After 1 year of service Youth Dynamics will match your contribution up to 5% of your income.  Immediate vesting in matching contribution.

Paid Time Off

PTO includes vacation and personal time. Employees are awarded 1 week of PTO after 6 months of employment. Accruals continue at 10 hours every month thereafter. Equivalent to 2 weeks vacation during the 1st year and, starting the 2nd year, 3 weeks vacation. Additional hours after 2 years of employment. Accruals stop if employee reaches 144 hours of unused PTO.

Sick Bank

Accrual of ½ day per month begins at 6 months of employment. Sick days can be used for employee or dependent child illnesses and doctor visits. Sick days are also available to care for spouses in certain circumstances. Cap at 360 hours.


Employees are eligible for Holiday benefits upon employment.Youth Dynamics recognizes 6 paid holidays per year:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Employees required to work holidays receive time and a half in addition to holiday pay.


Using a combination of computer-based tools, clinical education, and hands on mentoring, Youth Dynamics offers all employees an extensive orientation to their new position and the organization.


Youth Dynamics offers on-going training to employees to help them meet the needs of their positions and licenses. Many of our classes are MT BSWE and OPI approved. Through our myLearningPointe system employees also have access to additional training that will allow them to expand their continuing education.


Life throws us curve balls. Youth Dynamics offers a selection of AFLAC coverage, at employees expense, to help them prepare for those times. A full list of available coverage will be provided upon employment.

YDI Bucks

Youth Dynamics believes that our employees are the heart of our organization. We attempt to recognize this belief in various ways, starting with our YDI bucks program. The YDI buck program provides an opportunity for our employees to recognize each other with Youth Dynamics covering the expense.

Employee Recognition

Youth Dynamics recognizes employees for length of service. Awards are given at 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and every 5 years thereafter.

Employee(s) of the Year
Youth Dynamics recognizes special contributions by employees. Employees are recommended based on the superior completion of their development plans and determined by agency-wide voting.

Employee Assistance Program

Youth Dynamics maintains a confidential Employee Assistance Program to assist employees with issues such as:

  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Child and elder care referrals
  • Consultations on work and personal relationships
  • Legal resources and referrals
  • Time management and coaching for managers
  • Financial expertise and more
Direct Deposit

Youth Dynamics offers all employees the option of having their payroll check deposited to the bank of their choice.


All Group Home Staff are provided with meals while on-shift in a Youth Dynamics Group Home.

Bereavement Leave

Youth Dynamics offers 3 paid days of Bereavement Leave for the loss of immediate family members.

Jury Duty Leave

Youth Dynamics will pay your normal salary while you meet your legal obligations as a juror.

Recruitment Bonus

A recruitment bonus is paid to any Youth Dynamics employee who refers a new staff once the staff has passed their probationary period.

Professional Liability Coverage

Youth Dynamics provides professional liability coverage for all on-staff clinicians.

Worker's Compensation

Accidents and injuries that happen while on the job are covered by worker’s compensation insurance provided by Youth Dynamics.

Perkins Loan Cancellations

You may be entitled to cancellation and/or deferment of your Perkins loan as a result of your YDI employment. This benefit is governed by the rules of the student loan.

National Health Service Corp

Practitioners working at an NHSC approved sight may qualify for loan deferral if they are part of the NHSC program. All Youth Dynamics locations that meet NHSC requirements are enrolled in the program.