Services for Youth with Highly Sexualized Behaviors

When a child struggles with highly sexualized behaviors, it can be heart breaking, particularly if they have been victimized themselves. And while it can be hard to ask for help, treatment is imperative to their success at home and in the community. We’re here to provide support without judgment, in a structured, safe environment through our therapeutic group home services.

Our highly sexualized behavior treatment is offered at our historic Boulder AYA campus with Jake Leeper, LCSW, a licensed MSOTA therapist. The campus is nestled in the beautiful Elkhorn mountain range, located just 30 minutes outside Helena, Montana.

Need Support?

Check out the therapeutic group home services page to learn more about residential treatment available at Youth Dynamics. And, if you have a child in need of care for highly sexualized behaviors, please give us a call at 406-245-6539 or contact us online today.