4 Tips to Support Kids Going Back to School

Can you believe it’s back-to-school time already? While many children thrive with the structure the school year brings, the transition back can still be challenging.

How to Support Kids Going Back to School

Below are four tips on how to support kids going into the new school year.

Validate feelings

Some children may be excited about returning to school, while others might feel nervous. Regardless of where your child stands, support them by being present while they share their feelings. Make sure to normalize their experience and validate that it’s okay to feel big emotions about the transition back.

Identify coping strategies

School can be anxiety-inducing for many kids at times. Help your child identify practical coping skills to leverage when overwhelmed, knowing they may experience those feelings going into the new school year.

Back-to-school- Potential Coping Skills

Create a routine

Help your child transition back to school by creating a routine that includes regular wake-up, meals, and bedtimes. And make sure you carve out time weekly to connect.

Offer choices

When life feels out of control, help your child focus on what they CAN control by offering choices. For example, let kids choose what clothes to wear and breakfast to eat in the morning. Doing so will help them feel like they’re in the driver’s seat and build excitement.

Back to school- Parenting hack choices

Does your child need support?

Back-to-school time can be challenging. We provide a wide range of wraparound mental health services to support kids and caregivers. Contact us online or call 1-406-245-6539 to learn more about help available through Youth Dynamics.

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