Dennis Sulser

Chief Executive Officer 

Our CEO, Dennis Sulser, Ed.D., comes to Youth Dynamics with an extensive background in education, business and healthcare. Prior to Youth Dynamics, Dennis served as CEO and President at St. Vincent’s Healthcare Foundation, Administrator at The Children’s Clinic, and in the Billings School District as a high school principal. He has a passion for teaching, learning and leading children, as well as, people. He believes education is the key to a successful and healthy life.  As CEO, Dennis leads our organization and is passionate about helping families find the care they need to succeed. “The people of Youth Dynamics are driven by supporting the children and their mental health needs.” Dennis is a native Montanan. He grew up with parents who were both educators and always valued learning and growing which naturally rubbed off on him. Dennis says growing up he wanted to be a teacher his entire life and he continues to teach as CEO of Youth Dynamics. “Leadership is about teaching and influencing others. Just like my mother and father, I want to impact people.”  Dennis is married to Valerie and are the parents of three adult children, Maisie, Randi and Sydney.