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Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Hausman, Butte Therapist


Butte Therapist, Elizabeth Hausman, goes above and beyond on a daily basis to provide treatment and support to children and families in our community services.  After we lost a therapist in Butte, Elizabeth took on a second caseload, holding 42 therapy clients.  Elizabeth continues to hold this caseload, without complaint, until we are able to bring on a second therapist in Butte.  Elizabeth shows an enthusiasm for providing exemplary care that is truly special.  Despite Elizabeth’s caseload, client care has never suffered, and Elizabeth has been able to maintain all of the community therapist requirements.

Area Manager, Maggie Pierce, had the following to say in recognition of Elizabeth:

“Elizabeth has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to the Butte office and our office family.  After our last therapist left us, Elizabeth took on every family that was in-need of therapy.  She travels to every community within our area, from Dillon to Deer Lodge, every week, and she has done all of this while completing her practitioner-in-training hours under the supervision of Rebecca Folkerts.  Elizabeth continues to travel to seven different communities within our area to take to our clients that therapeutic piece that would otherwise be lost until we could find another therapist.  Despite this mass amount of time she is contributing to her work with clients, she still makes time to do case reviews each week with the staff, attend all meetings where she is needed, and make sure that if a crisis arises where she is needed, she is there.  Elizabeth truly keeps us afloat, she shows a love for her work and the clients she serves, as well as a love for the team that she works with.”

In addition to Maggie, several of Elizabeth’s teammates wanted to step forward and recognize Elizabeth:

“Elizabeth is passionate about healing her clients through art therapy. She is also a talented artist with many unique skills.  Elizabeth is very kind and compassionate towards clients and community members. Elizabeth has a large caseload and manages to make herself available to meet each of the children’s individual needs.”  – Shelby Brown

“I give Elizabeth credit for taking on so many clients since she is our only therapist.  I also would like to bring up the fact on how much she travels to give services to these clients.” – Misty Oswald

“Elizabeth is a hard-working and dedicated therapist, and she is passionate about being the best she can be for her clients.  I have had the pleasure to work with Elizabeth both at Acadia and now YDI.  Elizabeth always gives 100% to her work, and has a great sense of humor!  I am thankful that Elizabeth is part of our YDI team.” – Michael Haldane

“I think that it is awesome that Elizabeth has been our only therapist for almost a year now and has taken on every client we have that is in need of therapy, even if it’s meant doubling her caseload and traveling to 7 different communities to do so, she doesn’t turn a client away.” – Veronica Wheeler
There are so many of us at Youth Dynamics that go above and beyond. Each day we touch hundreds of children’s lives, and sometimes it’s hard to see how much of a difference we make.  Each one of us is working hard and improving our communities through giving children and families the support and tools to be resilient in the face of adversity, creating change through outreach and community education, or through supporting clinicians and children behind the scenes in administrative roles.

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