Kendra first try 1500x1000 - Faces of Mental Health- "It's the best feeling in the world."

Faces of Mental Health- “It’s the best feeling in the world.”


This is the second segment in our series, Faces of Mental Health, which gives people an intimate look inside of children’s services. To see our latest story, check us out on Facebook at Youth Dynamics of Montana or People of Youth Dynamics every Tuesday and Thursday night at 5:30pm. You can also catch the stories at youthdynamicsmt on Instagram, or Youth Dynamics of Montana on Linkedin.

“I think my most memorable experience working with children and families is when I finally see an intervention work. Like, you try, and try, and try with kids, but it’s like not working, not working, not working. Then you have the one day when the intervention works and you can see their brains working. You see it click, and you’re like yes, I’m helping this kid and this family! It’s the best, absolutely the best feeling ever.”