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Five Activities to Help Children Build Healthy Social Skills


Healthy developed social skills help children become healthy and productive adults. Youth and children learn social skills first from their parents and, later, from the other adults in their lives. These skills to help children thrive in their homes and communities. Below are five ways you can help children build healthy social skills.

Volunteer Work

Mentors take children into the community to volunteer. The volunteer work they engage in is everything from working at soup kitchens to visiting people in hospitals. These activities help build empathy in children and help them to practice interacting with others.


Our mentors engage in an activity called geo-caching. The mentors hide the geos in places in the community and take the children on a scavenger hunt. This activity gets children “out and about” and talking to other children and adults in the community.

Group Activities and Projects

Our mentors get children together to work on group projects. Currently, we have our children working on an art and photography project for the county fair. Group activities help children to learn team work, problem solving skills, and conflict resolution skills.

Free Classes in the Community

Taking advantage of free classes in the community offers children the opportunity to meet other children in their communities and practice social skills. Free classes in the community also help children to build new friendships.


Bringing children together to play sports is again another excellent way for children to build social skills surrounding teamwork, problem solving, and conflict resolution. This is another great activity to help children forge new friendships in their community. Beyond building social skills, sports provide physical activity which helps children to sleep at night and is an excellent coping skill.

Cassie Cropped - Five Activities to Help Children Build Healthy Social SkillsCassie Parker is the Youth Case Manager and FSA Manager for the Miles City office. She has been with Youth Dynamics for four years. Cassie’s hobby is poetry and collects owls in her spare time. While not at work, she enjoys painting, arts and crafts, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Cassie’s favorite quote is “Attitude reflects leadership.”

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