Case Management: Service Coordination and Support

Service Coordination

It is overwhelming to think of all of the services a child might need and where they need to go to get those services.  Youth Dynamics’ case managers are well educated on services and supports available in Montana.  Case managers help with linking families to the appointments they need, including in-school services, specialist appointments, doctors, therapy, and more.  Youth Dynamics can assist caregivers in scheduling and managing appointments as needed, taking stress off of caregivers.  Beyond medical and mental health needs, Youth Dynamics links families to resources in the community, such as housing, energy assistance, food, and more.



It is not uncommon for caregivers to feel stigmatized in the community and have trouble accessing the services they need. We can work with a family to advocate for them in the community. We advocate for families with everything from making sure youth are able to keep appointments and get treatment promptly, to advocating in school for special education or IEPs, to working with landlords to advocate in housing issues, and more. We are here to support both youth and their families to make sure needs are met.