Parenting Class Resources


Angela’s Piazza 406-255-0611
$40 fee
Call to set up an intake

Family Tree 406-252-9799
$100/15 week class
Call to set up an intake
Scholarships Available

Family Support Network 406-256-7783
$50 Single Person
$75 Couple
$0 with CPS Involvement
Call to sign up

Friendship House 406-259-5569
$0 1 class 2 hours
Call to sign up

Young Families Head Start 406-259-2007
$0 Only for girls in High School

Love and Logic and Love & Logic for Special needs
$80 Single Person Call to sign up
$125 Couple Sign Up Online
Scholarships Available
Must take Basic Course first to move on to the class for special needs
Includes a Meal and Child Care


Anaconda Family 406-563-7972
Resource Center
118 East 7th Suite 1B
Anaconda, MT 59711


Family Life Institute 406-939-5591
Free must pay for books
Call to sign up for Couple Marriage Weekly Parenting class

Nurturing Tree 406-377-7515
Call to sign up


Families First 406-721-7690
815 E. Front St. Ste. 3
Missoula, MT 59802
Call to sign up

Parenting Place 406-728-5437
Call to sign up


Nurturing Center 406-756-1414
146 Third Ave West
Kalispell, MT 59901
Call to sign up


Thrive 406-587-3840
Call to sign up

Heart and Homes 406-585-8544
Call to sign up

Online Resources
1-4 Hrs $29.95 Plus $10 for Stamped
5-8 Hrs $39.95 Certificate
9-12Hrs $49.95
1 Hr $10 each
10Hr Save $5
26Hr Save $27
52Hr Save $52
Classes Available
By Hours
By Weeks
**Always verify with your case worker in the court system, that Online Course Certificates will be accepted by the court.