Parenting Hack: The Power of Positive, Strength-Based Communication

Words have power! Shifting to positive, strength-based communication empowers kids, builds their confidence, and strengthens our connection with them. 💪

Small shifts in communication

Shifting to Positive, Strength-Based Language

Below are some examples of what the move to positive, strength-based language looks like:

“Don’t be so messy!” 👉 “Let’s work together to keep our space tidy.”

“Stop whining!” 👉 “I appreciate it when you use your big kid voice to express your needs.”

“You’re being difficult.” 👉 “I understand you’re feeling frustrated. Let’s work together to find a solution.”

“You’re always so forgetful.” 👉 “Remembering things can be hard. So let’s come up with some strategies to help you remember.”

“I can’t believe you did that!” 👉 “Mistakes happen. Let’s talk about how we can make things right.”

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