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How do I know when to get my child help?


Parenting a child who is struggling with their health is stressful. With physical health it is easier to determine when to get a child help — their symptoms interfere with their life to such an extent that the symptoms are impossible to ignore. With mental health it is often harder to know when it is time to reach out for help. When you’ve been living with the upheaval and chaos caused by your child’s symptoms for long enough it is harder to remember what it is like not to have that upheaval.

The median length of time for a person suffering from mental illness to reach out for help is 10 years. That means that it takes more than 10 years for for 50% of people living with mental illness to reach out for help and support. Two thirds of folks experience the symptoms of their mental illness before the age of 18. You and your child are not alone!

Reach Out for Help

To help guide you as you reach out for help our clinical team put together this easy quiz. This quiz is intended to help you take a gut check. You know your child best! Please skip this quiz and directly contact us if you know you need help.




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