Youth Dynamics Continues Services Through Pandemic

This story aired on KFBB April 1, 2020 and was written by Elijah Collins

GREAT FALLS- Many people in our area rely on services every day to make sure their mental health is taken care of, and with social distancing becoming the new norm, Youth Dynamics is forced to do their check-ins in a whole new way.

Youth Dynamics used to do face to face visits with their clients to make sure mental and behavioral services are still being provided, but like so many other businesses recently, they’re forced to change their methods and go with virtual meetups and phone calls.

Therapy sessions are still available, meaning these families can continue to get the care they need.

“It’s a scary situation for everyone whether you’re dealing with a mental or behavioral health issue, and so to be able to work with a professional through telecommunication may end up being the lifeline that helps that family,” said Kim Brown, Youth Dynamics’ marketing and communications officer.

Youth Dynamics is considered an essential service and will remain open, so if you need to meet in person you’re asked to call them at (406)-453-5592 to make special arrangements.

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