4 Tips to Help Kids Impacted by Trauma Feel Safe & Heal

Did you know that two-thirds of kids experience trauma during childhood? It’s a staggering number. Right?

Here are a few ways that trauma can affect children’s overall well-being:

How trauma can impact kids Updated Logo (1)

The impact of trauma can range widely, depending on many different factors, including a child’s relationships with caring adults, social supports, and unique personal characteristics.

And often, childhood trauma can even influence children’s ability to form healthy, trusting bonds with caregivers.

Here are a few tips to help you build the trust you need to guide kids with trauma history and help them heal.

1- Provide structure (1)

Provide structure

Create a routine and ensure that your child understands rules and expectations clearly. Doing so will create a sense of safety and help them thrive.

2- Use positive discipline (1)

Use positive discipline

Punitive, physical, or inconsistent discipline can be a trigger for kids with a history of trauma and be counterproductive to your ability to guide them.

Here are some positive discipline methods you can leverage:

  • Ignore mild misbehavior
  • Praise good behavior
  • Frame things as incentives versus pointing out negative consequences
  • Redirect attention
  • Offer choices
  • Provide rewards
  • Use time in vs. time outs
3- Be consistent & show warmth (1)

Be consistent & show warmth

Trust in any relationship is built on consistent positive interactions. Show warmth towards your child, even during conflict and discipline. And if you slip up, make sure to repair the situation with an apology and good communication.

4- Be sensitive to trauma (1)

Be sensitive to trauma

Be mindful of a child’s background and avoid putting them in a position where they feel cornered or threatened. For example, if children have a history of sexual trauma, be mindful of their physical boundaries and unexpected touch.

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