How to Keep Your Teen Busy While They’re Stuck at Home

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Blog, COVID-19, Featured, Parenting

Stuck inside and looking for some fun activities for your teen to do? Look no further! Here are six ideas to keep your teen entertained and busy!

Put on a Skit or Play

If your teen is at home and bored, help them get creative! You’ve got all the makings of a fun skit or play right at your house. Not only do they get to use their creative writing skills, but they also get to go through all the old items around the house and will undoubtedly find hidden treasures!

Get Cookin’

If your teen doesn’t already know how to cook, now is the perfect time to teach them! If they do know how to cook, let them pick out some good recipes online and hone in on their chef skills.  

Let Them Be Artistic!

Have your teen make a collage, get to painting, create a poster, or do some drawing. The options to express themselves creatively are endless!

Card Game Anyone?

Do you have a deck of cards laying around? If so, the options for entertainment are infinite! There are so many card games that teens can play both alone or with others. What are you waiting for, start shuffling!

Help Them Express Themselves!

Creative writing is really a lost art among youth. If your teen is bored, they can write poetry, a creative story, or anything that helps them to express themselves. Bonus, art and creative writing can be very therapeutic for teen and adults alike!

Board Game Anyone?

Who doesn’t remember those rainy days in childhood playing Monopoly or another board game? There are tons of options for board games out there, so if your teen is stuck at home and bored, pull out a game and get playing!

These are just a few tips to keep teens entertained at home. Check out our blog regularly for more useful parenting and professional hacks. You can also find more great content on our Youth Dynamics of Montana on Facebook page, and at youthdynamicsmt on Instagram.

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