5 Tips to Help Kids With Holiday Anxiety & Stress

It’s the holiday season, a time of joy and celebration for many. And during all the festive cheer, it’s not uncommon for stress and anxiety to surface, affecting both us and our kids.

But fear not! We have tips to help navigate the pressure of the season.

How to Help Kids Cope With Holiday Tension

Below are five ways you can help kids navigate the anxiety and stress that can sometimes come alongside the holidays.

1 Practice Healthy Coping

Role model healthy coping.

We set the tone for our kid’s behavior. Simply put, if we let holiday stress get to us, our children will pick up on that, and anxiety is more likely to be a problem.

So, while easier said than done, make sure to practice healthy coping skills and whatever self-care strategies keep you at your best.

2 Routine helps kids thrive

Routine helps kids thrive.

This time of year often throws routines out the window, particularly for kids with holiday breaks from school. Yet, structure is critical for mental health and navigating stress.

Do what you can to help create a routine for your kids. Great examples of how to do so include setting regular sleep schedules and mealtimes.

3 Don't overschedule

Don’t overschedule.

While it’s tempting to try to fit a lot into the short holiday season, try your best to refrain. Cramming too much in will create overwhelm, adding stress in the home, leading to anxiety and challenging behaviors in kids.

4 Practice kindness and gratitude

Practice kindness & gratitude.

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that it’s easy to forget the true meaning behind the season. An excellent way for you and your kids to navigate stress is to give back. Encourage your little ones to shovel a neighbor’s driveway or find ways to participate in charitable giving.

5 Reach out for support

Reach out for support.

Is your child struggling? If so, we can help! Check out the Clinical Services page on our website to learn more about mental health support available to children through Youth Dynamics. Then, contact us online or call 406-245-6539 to reach any of our 30 locations about getting your child started.

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