dating violence 1 - Know the Signs of Teen Dating Violence in Youth

Know the Signs of Teen Dating Violence in Youth


The effects of teen dating violence are pervasive, yet often go unrecognized. Dating violence directly affects 1 in 3 females and 1 in 4 males. However, when asked, an overwhelming 81% of parents did not believe that it was an issue that affects their teen.

If you are like most parents or caregivers, you may be feeling concerned after being faced with the shocking frequency of relationship violence. Montana State University graduate student and Youth Dynamics Assistant Area Manager, Kristin Bauwens, explains what adults can look for if they are concerned a teen may be involved in an unhealthy relationship. 

If you are concerned about your teen, know that support is out there. Counseling can help youth and families deal with the trauma associated with dating violence and give referrals to domestic violence support networks in your local area. Contact us today through our website or call 406-245-6539 to be connected to your local YDI office.