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My Anger Volcano


This Anger Volcano helps children identify personal signs of anger and coping strategies.

Start by cutting 5 inches off the top of a paper. Flatten the bag before you write, “My Anger Volcano” on the front. Next, take out your red construction paper and cut 3-inch strips on the right side. Use a marker to write down your signs of anger, (i.e. crying, making a fist, heart racing). 

Repeat the same steps for your yellow construction paper, although write down ways you can cool down when you are angry (i.e. deep breaths, taking space, asking for help). Use as many pages of construction paper as needed.

Anger Volcano 1 - My Anger Volcano

Now, place the construction paper inside the bag with the left side facing down. Gently squeeze the top of the brown bag and tug the red strips in-between the yellow strips.

Invite the children to share their examples. For extra fun, have the children blindly point to or rip off one of the strips to role play the coping skill solution.

1 Paper Bag
Yellow & Red Construction Paper
Sharpies or Markers
Optional: Paper, Tape, Glue, Ruler

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This craft was originally published by Confident Counselors, in their blog post, The Ways to Use Lunch Bags in Counseling and Therapy.