Youth Dynamics and Frontier Psychiatry Join Forces to Address Montana’s Youth Mental Health Crisis — Press Release

Youth Dynamics, the largest provider of child and family mental health services in Montana, has announced a new partnership with Frontier Psychiatry, the state’s leading telehealth practice for psychiatric services. The partnership will make telepsychiatry services available to all children and families served by Youth Dynamics, with Dr. Eric Arzubi, CEO of Frontier Psychiatry, taking on the role of Medical Director for Youth Dynamics.

The partnership aims to expand the scope of mental health services for youth throughout the state. Frontier Psychiatry will utilize its team of board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and specialty-trained psychiatric nurse practitioners to provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments, support treatment planning for children and families, and administer pharmacotherapy when appropriate.

Both Youth Dynamics and Frontier Psychiatry are committed to increasing access to high-quality mental health care for all communities in Montana, particularly those that are underserved and hard to reach. Both organizations are also committed to providing trauma-informed and culturally competent care.

“The mental health crisis facing our state’s youth is of the utmost importance, and we are proud to partner with Frontier Psychiatry to address it head-on,” said Dennis Sulser, Ed.D., CEO of Youth Dynamics. “Together, we will work to ensure that all Montana children and families have access to the care they need.”

For press contacts, see our media page and download our media kit. And for more information, please visit:

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About Youth Dynamics – Founded in 1981, Youth Dynamics is a leading provider of comprehensive, trauma-informed children’s behavioral health care. With thirty-one community service and youth home locations across Montana, we provide wraparound support to over 2,200 children and families annually. For more information, visit

About Frontier Psychiatry – Frontier Psychiatry, PLLC, an all-telehealth practice founded in 2019, hosts the region’s largest team of general and sub-specialty psychiatric providers. Frontier Psychiatry’s mission is to make timely psychiatric care available to all Montanans by 2025. Their team has the training and expertise to serve patients with both general and specialized needs: they offer specialty services in addiction medicine, child & adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, military/veteran psychiatry, and neuropsychiatry, along with serving general adult psychiatric needs.

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