Sadness Has a Voice- Are You Struggling?

Who hasn’t felt it? It’s like you have weights shackled to your ankles and you’re sinking into an ocean of hopelessness. You’re in a dark room, and no matter how hard you try to focus, you can’t see the light shining through.

The truth is, some of us wouldn’t even recognize that we’re riding a fine line to depression. It’s often more of a feeling of numbness, or the absence of feeling anything at all, that’s the first indicator that something’s just not right. You just lose interest in the things you once enjoyed.

Typically, depression and feelings of deep apathy aren’t something that hit you over the head like a frying pan. They’re more similar to a pot of water that’s slowly making its way to a boil.

Nothing is typical about what’s going on right now, though. We’re seeing a series, more like a tragic onslaught of events that are crippling our nation and the individuals within it.

The current pandemic has literally gutted our way of life. In the last four weeks, 22 million Americans filed for unemployment. Add to that, that people are losing their businesses, life savings, and are forcibly being isolated from one another due to circumstance.

The thing with depression is that it is often brought on as a result of some traumatic event. Right now, the list of potential traumas for us to experience is stacking up fast.

Prior to the current state of affairs, nearly 1 in every 12 Americans suffered from symptoms of depression. While we are yet to see the statistics for 2020, it goes to good reason that the incidence rate of depression will be greater.

For those experiencing crippling sadness, it can be hard to describe those feelings- to put into words what seems impossible to express. However, for those who are feeling alone- that no one could possibly understand- we found a beautiful illustration online from a poet, Sabrina Benaim.

Below you will find the video of her delivering her breathtaking poem, “Explaining My Depression to My Mother.”

Please know, if you’re struggling and you can’t see a way out, there are hotlines out there to help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached toll free at 1-800-273-8255.

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