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Youth Dynamics Offers Unique Program: Substance Abuse Services


Youth Dynamics is working hard to integrate substance abuse services into our local offices so we are better able to “wrap around” youth and families in their recoveries. This is an issue that many families deal with every day. Our Licensed Addictions Counselors are working in communities across Montana to bring substance abuse services to children and adolescents in need. Here are five things that make our substance abuse program truly unique!

Local Treatment Locations Across the State

Youth Dynamics offers outpatient substance abuse treatment in four of our locations across the state (Billings, Boulder/Helena,  Kalispell, and Missoula). Within these communities we provide substance abuse treatment to children and adolescents within a sixty mile radius. Location is important. If a family moves from one of these communities to another, they can continue to receive treatment in a different community without delay or losing progress. We are working to bring this program to other communities around the state. For the most up-to-date information about when this service will be coming to a location near you, sign up for our newsletter.

Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse issues often come hand in hand with mental health issues. The best chance for a child or adolescent has of recovery and resiliency is for both issues need to be addressed. At Youth Dynamics we believe in treating the “person as a whole”. We give youth and families a better chance at success by offering both mental health and substance abuse services.

Specialized in Youth Under 18

Youth Dynamics only treats youth under eighteen. Many substance abuse services across the state also treat adults. Addiction issues among youth can look very different than those of adults. Our treatment program is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of children and adolescents with substance abuse issues. Our Licensed Addictions Counselors specialize in working with these unique challenges.

Strength Based Tailored Care

Treatment is custom tailored to every individual and family that we serve. All treatment at Youth Dynamics is built on the strengths of the individual and family in our services. We work with families to develop treatment plans that combine both mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment. Lastly, we empower youth and families to be in control their treatment and we celebrate each success that an individual achieves in their recovery.

Getting Youth and Families Help When They Need It

Our team works hard to minimize the time between a first call for help and first appointment with a family. At Youth Dynamics we believe that when a family turns to us for help they need it right away. We meet with youth and families where ever and whenever works for them. If necessary, we meet in the morning or evenings, in schools, in parks, at their homes or in our office. We believe that substance abuse and mental health treatment serve as important tools in a child or adolescents recovery. Treatment and recovery should not be an added source of stress!

For more information about this and other services, visit our contact page to be put in contact with your local office.

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