Will Tedrow

Will Tedrow #YDIStrong


Are You a Disrupter?

Who’s this disrupting devil? It’s none other than HR Director Will Tedrow, and let me tell you, this guy doesn’t shy away from a challenge. He’s a skilled project manager and loves nothing more than to lead a little change. Truthfully, he’s been the driving force behind a lot of the innovation we’ve seen over the last two years. But, if you point that out? Don’t try because this man will always pass the credit onto his team.

That said, Will is infamous for his relentless cheering of those within our organization. He goes out of his way to support us all, pushing us forward, even when things are hard, even when we’re discouraged. Honestly, he’s a ray of positive sunshine. You can always count on this man to dish out a few enthusiastic words of encouragement, whether that be through a quick email or a little Sage recognition.

Honestly, Will has been an unwavering champion for our teams over the years. He truly believes that it’s HR’s role to build up employees and has been one of the most vocal in making sure our voices are heard. With unmatched vigor, he’s worked hard to ensure that we have every opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally. More so, you can count on him to advocate for us to have all the tools we need to efficiently do our jobs, bringing us everything from Sage to our spiffy new training platform, Talent LMS, with his efforts.

Truthfully, Will isn’t where he is today at our organization by mistake. Starting as a therapeutic group home program manager, he worked his way up into an executive leadership team position with blood, sweat, and tears. He is living proof that within each of us is great potential. That with effort, the sky is the limit for our growth within this organization.

We want to thank Will and the rest of our staff for their dedication. Within each of them is significant leadership potential, and honestly, we couldn’t carry out our mission without their support. Every one of them plays a critical role in pushing us forward in the momentous task of carving out a bright future for our state. For our teammates who are reading, remember, together, we can truly make a difference. Alone, we are just one, but united, we are strong. #YDIStrong