You Are Amazing! A Thank You to Our Teams Across the State

We understand this is a difficult time for our teams personally and professionally. This is not how we would have chosen to live the last few weeks. But, it has also made us realize what is most important in life and brought us closer together as an agency. We have been forced to find creative ways to do our jobs and share what works and what doesn’t with one another.

If our teams have any question about the impact they make on the kids we serve, we would like them to continue reading.

We asked the children in our services, “What do you like most about Youth Dynamics?” Below are their responses.

“Being helped”

“Being with you”

“Can talk if something bugs me”

“Coloring with you”

“Doing fun activities with my FSA”


“Having a mentor”

“Help me with my feelings”

“I can always be myself”

“I like everything about YDI!”

“I like the snacks”

“My worker comes to my home and helps me and my family.”

“People that actually listen”

“They care about me.”

“They don’t judge me.”

“They help me with my anger.”

“They give me wise advice about the future.”


“Helping me with my problems.”

“Helps me become stronger.”

“I can tell them everything going on my life.”

“I get to tell someone I trust my problems.”

“I have someone to talk to.”

“They help me solve my problems.”

“I can talk about my feelings.”

“She’s a good listener.”

“She’s helpful and nice.”

“She’s like my best friend. I can talk to her about anything.”

“They help me with my problems at home.”

“The fact that I have someone to help me get through the tough times.”

“They act like friends who care about me.”

“The staff are kind and amazing.”

“They always ask the right questions and say the right things.”

“They say things that make my heart better.”

Each of these statements were taken from our 2019 satisfaction survey that our clients filled out. We couldn’t be more proud of the work that each of our staff do. Thank you for making a difference!

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