How to Build Meaningful Connections

A study from earlier this year conducted by Cigna showed that over 50% of Americans are lonely. Moreover, 54% of those polled felt that they had no one in their lives who knew them intimately.

Truthfully, staying connected isn’t always easy. But, fear not! We have a few tips to help! Here are four ways you can build healthy, meaningful relationships with others.

Spend time with those who count.

In a world where it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, make sure you’re making time for the people you care about. Even if you can only set aside 15 minutes a day, it can make a world of difference for your mental and physical health.

Eliminate distractions.

These days, it’s way too easy to be physically present and mentally not there. Forget multitasking! Put your electronics away and engage with who you’re with! By genuinely interacting with others, we create opportunities for authentic connection.

Embrace solitude.

Want solid relationships? We must build a strong connection with ourselves to have strong ties with others. Take time to explore who you are! Try enjoying nature alone, doing creative activities, listening to music, or meditating.

Be kind & put yourself out there!

Genuine appreciation lays the foundation for healthy, strong relationships. So dish out a few kind words, help someone who’s struggling, and let the people in your world know they matter.

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