Pride Month: Trauma-Informed Service Starts with Openness & Understanding

Did you know that June is Pride Month? It’s a time of human rights—a period to honor and shed light around the ongoing health and social justice struggle that the LGBTQIA+ community has and continues to face.

And as healthcare providers, parents, friends, coworkers, and community members at large, it’s critical we educate ourselves and shatter stigma.

Check out the video below to hear LGBTQIA+ young people tell their stories:

Stigma significantly impacts LGBTQIA+ youth, and data collected by the Trevor Project earlier this year paints a telling portrait of that.

LGBTQIA+ Youth Mental Health Statistics

Celebrating Pride Month— 5 Ways Mental Health Providers Can Support LGBTQIA+ Youth

Outcomes for kids drastically improve with acceptance and social support. Here are five things mental health providers can do to help LGBTQIA+ youth.

#1: Provide Trauma-Informed Service

Provide trauma-informed service via education on the impact of identity-based trauma and establish physical and emotional safety through meeting needs, communicating safety procedures, creating a predictable environment, and fostering respectful relationships.

#2: Be Inclusive

Adopt anti-discrimination practices that are inclusive of LGBTQIA+ kids and families that minimize potential re-traumatization.

#3: Create Continuity of Care

Work within your scope of practice and make referrals for outside support services when needed. And don’t forget to refer kids aging out of youth services to an adult mental health provider.

#4: Screen for Trauma

Screen for trauma, considering specific stressful life experiences in gender-diverse people.

#5: Understand and Promote Understanding

Understand and promote understanding via education on the effects of stigma such as prejudice, harassment, discrimination, and violence in the lives of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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