What Do I Do? How to Prepare Kids for School This Year

by | Oct 7, 2020 | The Latest

It’s go time! If it hasn’t arrived already, back to school is right around the corner! But, it looks a little different for kids this year. Each school district is launching classes with a unique blend of online and in-school learning.

What does that mean for our little ones? It means there’s a lot of change and uncertainty they’re grappling with at the moment! All of which is only exacerbating mental health conditions for those who struggled already.

So, if you’re a parent or someone who works with youth, how do you best prepare kids for the upcoming school year? Bozeman Transitional School Care Manager, Hailey O’Brien, has some valuable words of advice.

Hailey discussed how many of the youth enrolled in our Transitional School last spring struggled with remote learning due to the loss of socialization. This year, our students were given the option to utilize remote learning or to attend school in person. Overwhelmingly, everyone opted to participate in class physically.

We want to thank Hailey and the rest of you for all you are doing to support kids during this challenging period. We understand this has been a trying time for everyone, but please know your support of the children makes such an impact.

For more information on the Bozeman Transitional School, please contact Area Manager, Chloe Meltzer, at meltzerc@youthdynamics.org.

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