I’m Exhausted. How to Bounce Back from Burnout.

Are you feeling drained? How about entirely exhausted? If the answer is yes, you’re in good company. Findings from December show a whopping 76% of Americans are experiencing burnout.

But that’s just the beginning of it. We’ve been under significant stress for over a year now. And that, my friends, is taking its toll. Recent data reflects that 84% of us feel the burn of prolonged angst, with 47% confronting anxiety, 44% facing sadness, and 39% overwhelming anger.

That said, I’ll admit it. I’m tired. I mean, I am completely drained. I’m running on empty, and frankly, my capacity for others is waning. It’s hard to get excited about anything anymore. I’m living my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. And you know what? I’m over it!

I’ve always carried stress like a badge of honor. I work hard, and I’m proud of that. But a month ago, it started to catch up. Headaches, interrupted sleep, memory problems, apathy, even the occasional stomach ulcer— they didn’t slowly develop. They hit like a brick.

I smashed headfirst into the wall. And the thing is, I’m not alone. Everywhere I go, it’s the same story. People are fried. And that mass burnout can’t only be attributed to work or school. It’s bigger than that.

It’s been twelve months of bearing the weight of this pandemic and all that comes alongside it. Tensions are high, and people are wiped— even as this challenging period comes to a close.

What is burnout?

Burnout manifests in both the mind and body. It stems from chronic, prolonged levels of stress that impact overall wellbeing. Below are some of its key symptoms, although not everyone will experience all of them.

Chronic fatigue
Impaired concentration
High blood pressure
Gastrointestinal pain
Heart palpitations
Increased illness
Loss of appetite
Apathy & hopelessness
Anger & Irritability
Reduced productivity

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How do you bounce back?

Burnout’s rough! And once it sets in? It’s a process to recovery, requiring lots of discipline and rest. If you’ve found yourself to the point of being completely fried, we have a few tips to get you repositioned back on the path to wellness!

Find your purpose.

Are you burnt out at work? Take a closer look at what you do— there’s meaning in every career.

Think to yourself, “How can I shape the universe for the better?” “How can I positively influence people’s lives in a meaningful way?” Change your mindset, and I guarantee you’ll change your world.

That said, if life, in general, has you feeling flat-lined, look for an outlet to jump-start your batteries. Explore meaningful hobbies, volunteer in your community, or do whatever else helps you to feel fulfilled.

Connect positively with others!

Believe me when I say, when you’re feeling frazzled, it’s easy to isolate and take on a less than optimistic attitude. Really, you start to see the nasty in everything. And to bounce back, it takes connection with others, but a certain pickiness about who you hold company with.

Negative energy spreads like cancer. Plain and simple, to keep a positive mindset, you must bring positive people into your world.

Set boundaries for you!

The path to recovery starts by taking time for you! And you know what? That means setting boundaries with yourself and others. Set down work, put off requests from family or friends, and create the space to rejuvenate.

People will always want more from you— it’s your job to learn when to say no. I promise that life will carry on without you for a short stent while you get the rest you need to give others your best.

Prioritize your health!

When stress beats you down, the best way to recover is to do the things that keep your body in tip-top shape. Feed yourself the proper nutrients, drink plenty of water, get quality sleep, and exercise regularly.

Excellent health is a daily practice, and with discipline, you can recover and stay at your best!

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Prevention is key!

The most successful way to combat burnout is to never get to that point. Self-care and healthy living aren’t easy. Simply put, they take work. But once they become a habit, they’ll transform your life for the better.

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