We Are Stronger Together #YDIStrong

So much has changed in the last several weeks.  For many of us, it feels like our world has been turned upside down.

Typically, in my role at Youth Dynamics I step back from using my own voice in our publications. However, given the circumstances it seems called for to share my own words in an attempt to normalize what many of us are feeling right now.

Everywhere I turn, I see people struggling. Some are suffering from the direct consequences of the virus, but most from the unintended, indirect consequences of it.

Parents are struggling with juggling the role of being a full-time caregiver and teacher; many of them trying to also keep up with work and unable to tend to their own mental health. People are feeling isolated from one another due to social distancing. Across the nation, people have been laid off due to the freezing of the economy and are struggling with the uncertainty of what the future holds.

Like many of us at Youth Dynamics, it’s hard to be strong when I, myself, am also concerned about what the future might bring to our world.

For someone who is notoriously anxious, it is shocking this hasn’t affected me more. Sometimes, it feels like I am an outsider looking in at the situation around me, but detached from it. Each day, I wait for the other ball to drop, when I will be thrust back into my body and this whole thing will become a reality.

Personally, like many of my teammates at Youth Dynamics, I hold tight to the little things that I can do to help. As small and insignificant as it may seem in comparison to my teammates who are directly supporting kids and families right now, I grasp onto the small things that I can do. I write blogs, share inspirational material on social media, and push helpful content out through our newsletters.

As people, we all need to feel like we are a part of something; that we are making a difference. I have been so impressed with our teams across the state for their strength and unwavering support of each other and the kids we serve. Without question, they are working long hours to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

I have heard stories of community teams delivering meals and coping skills packets to family’s doorsteps. Stories of residential teams and even leadership members working long hours to cover shifts at our group homes. 

Bozeman Area Manager, Chloe Meltzer, showing support for her teammates across the state by sporting the #YDIStrong hashtag.

The strength and tenacity of Youth Dynamics is evidenced by the #YDIStrong movement, first introduced by our Clinical Director of Residential Services, Kevin Wyse. The movement quickly caught fire like a spark on dry kindling. At the moment, our teams across the state and kids in our care are participating in it to show support for each other during this difficult period in our history.

I would like to say thank you to all of the YDI staff across the state. I hope you all know how much I appreciate and respect the work you are doing. It is an honor for me to serve you as both a member of leadership team and your Public Relations Coordinator.

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