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Stress at Work - Professional Development

9 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress at Work

Work stress has significant health consequences that range from the relatively benign—more colds and flu—to the more serious, like heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

empathy not endorsement - Professional Development

Empathy is Not Endorsement

Sometimes the most subversive thing you can do is actually speak with people you disagree with, not simply at them.

Grief Resource - Professional Development

Serious Illness, Death and Grieving in the Workplace

Anytime there is a death or other traumatic event in the workplace, powerful feelings of grief can often follow. Learn more about how teams, managers, and leadership can navigate the challenging emotions that typically follow loss.

Managers Guide - Professional Development

Responding to Suicide Warning Signs- A Manager’s Guide

Employees may spend more face-to-face time with coworkers and managers than their own family and friends. The workplace may represent a place of belonging. These reasons may contribute to an employee showing suicidal signs in the workplace.

Deep Work 1 - Professional Development

Finding Your Focus Through ‘Deep Work’

Working on something while in “deep work” mode will produce much better results than working with distracted, fragmented attention – what most of us do every day.

Good Writing - Professional Development

Four Cs Of Good Writing

After long deliberation and reading what prolific and established writers have been saying about writing, I concluded that writing has four Cs that can determine its quality.

appreciation - Professional Development

Mike Robbins- The Power of Appreciation

As Mike discusses, there is an important distinction between “recognition” and “appreciation.” Leaders, teams, organizations, and individuals who understand this distinction can have much more impact, meaning, and productivity in their lives and with the people around them.

conversation - Professional Development

How to Have a Good Conversation

A great conversation requires a balance between talking and listening. This balance is important because bad communication leads to bad relationships, at home, at work, everywhere.

Mindset 2 - Professional Development

Mindset- Are You Mentally Strong?

Do you have the mindset to weather this storm? It starts with the thoughts you water each day and the strength to press on during adversity.