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Grief Resource - Professional Development

Serious Illness, Death and Grieving in the Workplace

Anytime there is a death or other traumatic event in the workplace, powerful feelings of grief can often follow. Learn more about how teams, managers, and leadership can navigate the challenging emotions that typically follow loss.

Managers Guide - Professional Development

Responding to Suicide Warning Signs- A Manager’s Guide

Employees may spend more face-to-face time with coworkers and managers than their own family and friends. The workplace may represent a place of belonging. These reasons may contribute to an employee showing suicidal signs in the workplace.

Deep Work 1 - Professional Development

Finding Your Focus Through ‘Deep Work’

Working on something while in “deep work” mode will produce much better results than working with distracted, fragmented attention – what most of us do every day.

Good Writing - Professional Development

Four Cs Of Good Writing

After long deliberation and reading what prolific and established writers have been saying about writing, I concluded that writing has four Cs that can determine its quality.

appreciation - Professional Development

Mike Robbins- The Power of Appreciation

As Mike discusses, there is an important distinction between “recognition” and “appreciation.” Leaders, teams, organizations, and individuals who understand this distinction can have much more impact, meaning, and productivity in their lives and with the people around them.

conversation - Professional Development

How to Have a Good Conversation

A great conversation requires a balance between talking and listening. This balance is important because bad communication leads to bad relationships, at home, at work, everywhere.

Mindset 2 - Professional Development

Mindset- Are You Mentally Strong?

Do you have the mindset to weather this storm? It starts with the thoughts you water each day and the strength to press on during adversity.

Sex Abuse in Montana - Professional Development

Child Sexual Abuse- A Betrayal of the Innocent

In the United States, 1 out of every 5 children will be sexually assaulted before their eighteenth birthday. To illustrate that statistic: in a class of thirty children, at least six have or will be sexually abused.

resized - Professional Development

My Anger Volcano

This Anger Volcano helps children identify personal signs of anger and coping strategies.

dating violence 1 - Professional Development

Know the Signs of Teen Dating Violence in Youth

Montana State University graduate student and Youth Dynamics Assistant Area Manager, Kristin Bauwens, explains what adults can look for if they are concerned a teen may be involved in an unhealthy relationship.

resized - Professional Development

Countertransference is not a Flesh-Eating Disease - by Lawrence Rubin, PhD, ABPP Among my varied clinical and clinically-related roles, I supervise master’s level counseling interns who are training in a variety of settings, from alternative schools to psychiatric hospitals. In our group supervision...

teen therapy resized - Professional Development

Engaging Resistant Clients

Positive People Solutions - July 13, 2017 When I started my career as a therapist in 1986, I actually believed all of my clients would want to work with me, would make the most of that time, and would be appreciative of my efforts. You can stop laughing now. I quickly...

SW - Professional Development

The Ten Essential Traits of Successful Social Workers

Amanda Body - Social Work Degree.Net - 7/13/2017 Social workers help people in need. This can mean providing services directly to people facing a number of challenges, from abuse to health disorders, or it can mean working for change to improve social conditions....

play therapy - Professional Development

3 Play Therapy Tips for Working with the Quiet Child

PsychCentral - Heather Gilmore, MSW, LLMSW, BCBA - September 7, 2014 Play therapy is an approach to therapy that allows children to express themselves, heal from hurts, and experience personal growth through the medium of toys and activities rather than words as is...

One the phone - Professional Development

Five Keys to Becoming a Great Case Manager

Mental Health Counseling Options - Martin Gardner - 3/26/2017 Case managers are responsible for the coordination of services for those who receive mental health, developmental services and other health related services Case managers play an important role in ensuring...