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Martin Gardner – Case Management Basics – 7/13/2017 The human services field can present some serious challenges that can test your mental and emotional fortitude.  There are also times when you are challenged physically and have to respond accordingly to ensure the safety of all parties involved. As a human services professional, you will occasionally…(Read More)

Amanda Body – Social Work Degree.Net – 7/13/2017 Social workers help people in need. This can mean providing services directly to people facing a number of challenges, from abuse to health disorders, or it can mean working for change to improve social conditions. Social workers work in government agencies, private businesses, schools, police departments…(Read More)

PsychCentral – Heather Gilmore, MSW, LLMSW, BCBA – September 7, 2014 Play therapy is an approach to therapy that allows children to express themselves, heal from hurts, and experience personal growth through the medium of toys and activities rather than words as is done through traditional therapy and most adult therapies. Even though the process…(Read More)

Mental Health Counseling Options – Martin Gardner – 3/26/2017 Case managers are responsible for the coordination of services for those who receive mental health, developmental services and other health related services Case managers play an important role in ensuring that people receive the health services they need and that they are happy with those services…(Read More)

Huffington Post – Kenny Kline – 2/14/2017 Stress is taking a major toll on the American workforce. More than one-third of working Americans report chronic work-related stress; 79 percent report not getting enough sleep; and 69 percent admit to struggling with concentration as a result of stress and sleep deprivation. These issues aren…(Read More)

Anyone who works with youth with mental or behavioral health diagnoses feels frustration. Behavioral health treatment takes time and you may not see the immediate results. As the Clinical Supervisor, I see the “big picture” of the many, many youth we help each year. Having my office in one of our youth homes gives me…(Read More)

Butte Therapist, Elizabeth Hausman, goes above and beyond on a daily basis to provide treatment and support to children and families in our community services.  After we lost a therapist in Butte, Elizabeth took on a second caseload, holding 42 therapy clients.  Elizabeth continues to hold this caseload, without complaint, until we are able to…(Read More)

As Youth Dynamics expands across the state, we are truly fortunate to serve a growing number of Montana youth and their families and have a positive impact on their lives.  It is an honor to watch many of the children we serve graduate from our services and stay on a path of hard work to…(Read More)

From December 5-9, a group of six Youth Dynamics employees from across the state came to Billings to learn how to teach Common Sense Parenting. This expansion will allow us to provide the Common Sense Parenting program to our foster parents across the state on an ongoing basis. This year, Youth Dynamics trained all…(Read More)

The first purpose of the Angel Tree was to make sure that all of the kids in the Billings area group homes had a Christmas. “The kids are away from their families and being able to give them a little extra love in this time is important,” Shirley Bulluck, Intake Coordinator, explains. The tree has…(Read More)

At first, I mechanically wrote something that resembled other ‘asks’ from us and other nonprofits in the area when I wrote this blog post.  When I finished I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like it, until I saw that it was simply too similar to other holiday donation appeals, and that I…(Read More)

After years of hard work, Greater Gallatin Day Treatment Manager, Shawn Helvey, became licensed as a clinical professional counselor. Shawn received his Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida.  Shawn joined the Greater Gallatin Day Treatment team in July of 2015 and brought with him eight years of experience…(Read More)

After years of hard work, Youth Dynamics Therapist, Elaine Noland-Sepko, has become a licensed clinical professional counselor. Elaine received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the New York Institute of Technology.   She went on to earn a Master’s degree in Marriage Couples and Family Counseling with an emphasis in crisis and trauma…(Read More)

In the last few months, if you were to look for Kay Brown, administrative support, or Diane Ude, accounting technician, after work or on the weekends you would most likely find them behind a sewing machine. They have been busily creating weighted blankets and animals for Youth Dynamics therapists and clinical staff to use with…(Read More)

The practice of animal assisted therapy has been growing in research and application. Research shows that the elderly, adults, adolescents, and children benefit from the presence of animals. Therapy animals are found in settings ranging from assisted living to hospitals to residential treatment centers. Here are five key benefits of dogs in a mental health…(Read More)

When Joann Adney talks about her work her face lights up with passion. She is the newest therapist on our Livingston team.  Joann is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in play therapy. She describes her approaches a strengths based and at times out of the box. Joann has written therapeutic books with her…(Read More)

Clinician, Beth Breen, discusses useful tips for helping children manage anxiety.    Tip 1. Routine and Structure Simply being an adult who responds to a child in a consistent and reliable manner who they see on a regular basis can help them to manage anxiety in their daily lives. Tip 2. Cookie Breathing Cookie breathing helps…(Read More)

Faith lives at one of our group homes in Boulder. Faith wrote this wonderful poem about her mother and wanted us to share it. When I think about my childhood 1 thing sticks out the most…. My Mom She is always there Sometimes I thought it to be suffocating But these days I wish I…(Read More)

Our very own Beth Breen was interviewed by KPAX8 news to talk about the need for foster care families in the Missoula area. She explain the need for these families to help these children receive the care that they need in order to thrive in their community. Click on the video below to watch the…(Read More)

Youth Dynamics is working hard to integrate substance abuse services into our local offices so we are better able to “wrap around” youth and families in their recoveries. This is an issue that many families deal with every day. Our Licensed Addictions Counselors are working in communities across Montana to bring substance abuse services to…(Read More)

Our own Katie Ogden, YDI Youth Case Manager, was featured on abcFOX Montana. This segment helped show how our Youth Case Managers help the kids in our program and how much we are in need of mentors. Katie also mentions that we are in need of a mentors in the Great Falls area and also…(Read More)

Starting in Missoula, Youth Crisis Diversion Project has partnered with six community mental health centers including Youth Dynamics. This program was started to give the families the recourses they need to help the youth in crisis. Mental health services for youth are so important in our communities, unfortunately not many people are aware of how…(Read More)